Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Would you believe me if I told you it takes me an hour to eat a banana?

I’m serious. I think when people see me for the first time, they assume that I can chow down with the best of them based on my chubby (but lovable) appearance alone. They’d be so wrong though. My breakfast usually consists of one banana. Not because I’m deliberately trying to keep my caloric intake low, although that is a plus, but because that’s really all I can manage to eat in the morning when I’m at work. 

My banana and I usually sit at my desk, listening to the many ramblings of my coworker (Milton). Today she tells me about her Christmas gift from her daughter. She gave her Rogaine. One bite of banana. I then move on to other important things like pondering the question set forth by my other coworker (Cowardly Lion) “are corduroys a casual pant or can they be worn in an office setting”. Three bites of banana, because PONDERING. Then I head to my coworker’s (Scarecrow) desk to help her login to the system because a whole day has gone by and she can’t remember a combination of letters and numbers. Two quick bites of banana before getting up from my desk. 

By the time I’ve taken the last bite of the banana, I have helped the office manager edit her surgery requests online, fixed the front desk printer and answered Cowardly Lion’s question “Yes, corduroys can be worn as professional attire as long as you wear a nice top and some kicky heels”. At that point, I feel like I’ve been eating all day and I just can’t picture being hungry enough to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread in a few hours.

Who knew I could go on and on about a banana? One delicious, but very filling, banana.

Things I did today in my quest for change:
Health- Ate half a pb&j for lunch, a packet of peanuts as a snack and a homemade chicken sandwich for dinner.
Activity- Zero. I know there are no excuses but I was freaking cold all day.
Job- Started making a list of things to put on my résumé.
Spending-I bought nuthin!


  1. Do you ever feel like Scar from The Lion King? Lol...

  2. The Lion King (Scar) - I'm Surrounded by idiots!: http://youtu.be/SDGyPRr9-AE