Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Asinine Asylum

I came to a crazy realization yesterday when I got in my car to drive home after a long grueling day at work. I seemed to be sitting lower in the driver's seat than I had in the morning. No matter how much I tried to sit up straight and scootch my butt back, I only seemed to be slightly above the required height to drive in the state of Illinois (if there is a law like that, I don't really know since I am not a lawyer or enforcer of laws). As I tiredly put the car in gear, it hit me. The Asylum and all it's problems is not only crushing my will to work, it's also having an adverse effect on my spine and making me shorter!

I keep adding to the list of things I want to put on my resumé but I don't know if I can use "repeatedly explain office procedures to the office manager who has been at the asylum for 30 years" or "patiently wait for office manager to stop yelling saying that these are new office procedures that you just made up and then take out the typed up sheet you got her to sign FIVE years ago because you keep having the same problem". This is the stuff of nightmares.

Things I did today to etc:
Healthy Eating- Breakfast, banana. Lunch, leftover chicken and rice with edemame. Dinner, grilled chicken, grilled yellow squash and salad.

Activity- Had achey knees so I took it easy. I did do house work so I almost met my 5,000 step goal.

New J-O-B: I keep working on my resumé.

Spending- I bought Andy another work coat because the first one I bought was too big.

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