Friday, January 9, 2015

I am recycling a post from the Bee n Andy comic because it's still true.

Things I did today to accomplish my goals:
Healthy eating- breakfast, I forgot to eat my banana, lunch, half pb&j on whole grain, dinner, one stuffed green pepper taco with guacamole and chips. I got hungry after cleaning so I made an egg and had it with a tortilla. 
I did some cleaning which I know doesn't count as exercise but it's better than just sitting.
Spending: I bought a pair of shoes. 😔 they were inexpensive but still no excuses!

Job: I did nuthin about it today


  1. Very nice!!!! I think I need a fitbit. Do you wear it in your wrist? I need a tracker I can ALWAYS keep on.

    Loooooove the comic :)

  2. Sales are the worst! It's so much easier to say no to something when it is full price.

  3. Cleaning counts. It beats the couch. Cute comic!