Thursday, January 8, 2015

And now I need new earbuds!

You know what's a sure fire way to lose your face and fingers? Take my earbuds and say “I’m looking to buy some for my phone, how well do these fit in your ears?” and then proceed to put them in YOUR ears!

Scarecrow, the idiotic x-ray tech, did just that and it gets worse! I literally heard the suction noise when she popped them out of her ear! She is no longer allowed to speak to me ever again (unless it is work related) and I threw out the earbuds. I swear the people at the Asylum are getting worse as the months go by.

I tried to get my lazy ass to do the bike today but I am just too cold. I did try to eat healthy by having bean soup but I didn't have any lime or cilantro and these 2 ingredients are essential when making Mexican bean soup. I was extremely underwhelmed by it so I wound up only eating half of it and scrounging around for something else to eat. I found chocolate.

I don't think the chances of me doing the bike tomorrow are good since the high is predicted to be 3 degrees which means Mochadog and I willl be buried under a pile of blankets binge watching "Friends".

Things I did today in my quest for change:
Healthy eating- Breakfast- banana, lunch- half a pb&j on whole grain bread and an apple sauce, dinner- some lack luster bean soup and 2 reeses peanut butter cups, snack- mustard pretzels.
Spending- I bought nuthin! And it was hard because I had a $50 off $100 coupon for my favorite store.
Activity-  As of 9pm I only have 3,369 steps.
Job- did some research online for a variety of positions. I'm not sure I want to continue working in the medical billing field. 

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  1. Keep it up, Bee! I love hearing about your office crazies.